Monday, September 1, 2014

Choosing a Lunchbox Right for You!

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Tomorrow marks our first day back to school, so welcome back everyone to homework nagging and the drudgery of packing lunches! The start of school for us means new clothes and of course new backpacks and lunchboxes. I am often at a loss for the perfect lunch container. I try to avoid plastic, but the lightweight convenience is hard to beat. I have tried stainless steel but worry that they have trouble opening the containers. I purchased a new silicone lunch container just a few months ago, which I thought was going to be the perfect lunchbox, but it ended up being too large... Listed below are a few of the lunchbox options I have tried with the pluses and minuses for each:

Easy Lunchboxes

BPA-free sturdy plastic divided compartment containers. Each container has a large container, medium container and small container.
I love the sizes of the compartments and lightweight sturdy construction, but am not crazy about the fact that it is plastic leaching who knows what into my children's food.
The Yumbox is new on the block, but looks like it might become a new favorite. It has divided containers, opens easily, and the most exciting part, each compartment seals tight, so you can fill with dips or yogurt.


Stainless steel single and divided containers in a variety of sizes.
I love the fact that it is not plastic, but the container I have is pretty small and can be difficult to open. I worry that they will not be able to get it open in the school cafeteria.

Laptop Lunches

BPA-free sturdy plastic containers with a variety of small compartments and containers to encourage creativity.
I have always loved the idea of these but the price-tag has kept me from jumping in. I have quite a few friends who love the fact that all the containers inspire them to be creative, but are not crazy about the fact that some of the containers do not have lids.

Go Green Lunchbox

BPA-free plastic divided container with water bottle.
This looks like a great option to me, although once again I am not crazy about the fact that it is plastic.

Planet Box

Stainless steel segmented tray, folds in half to close.
I loved the idea of this lunchbox since it seems so similar to the divided tray above but in stainless steel. I will have to get one and report back.

Smart Planet Silicone Meal Kits

Collapsible silicone divided compartments with lid.
I thought this was going to be my answer, since it is a divided lightweight container similar to my favorite plastic box, but the compartments are so large I feel compelled to pack more food than my kids can eat.


For insulated water bottles and food jars.
I love my food jar for packing hot lunches!

Best wishes for a fun-filled stress-free back to school!

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