Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10 Easy Camp Lunch Ideas

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If you are like me, summer vacation doesn't end the need for packed lunches. Nope. Now my kids need lunches that can withstand the summer heat and enough snacks to keep them going through that long camp day. And with these sizzling hot temperatures and busier-than-ever days, who wants to think about packing lunches?? Not me! To simplify your life and mine, enjoy this list of easy summer camp lunch ideas:

  1. Sandwiches - Get out of your boring sandwich rut by choosing different breads (think rolls, mini-bagel, english muffin, pita, flat-bread or tortillas) and different fillings like feta or cream cheese and cucumber, scrambled eggs and cheese, nitrate-free turkey, chicken or ham, or hummus and vegetables.
  2. Three bean salad - My kids love beans, so an easy bean salad is always a hit. Blanch green beans and chop into 1 inch pieces, combine with a can of kidney beans and a can of chickpeas, some olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.
  3. Fruit salad and cottage cheese - A nice crisp plate of fruit makes the perfect lunch for a hot day. Combine with a small dish of cottage cheese for protein and you have a perfect easy lunch!
  4. Pasta salad - Mix cooked pasta with copped veggies, tuna, hard-boiled egg, italian salad dressing, salt, pepper and a little mayo, or skip the tuna and egg and just use tortellini or small ravioli.
  5. Chicken salad - Take last night's rotisserie chicken and mix in a little mayo, salt, pepper, chopped celery and maybe even some cut-up grapes or green apple. Serve with crackers, pita bread or as a wrap sandwich
  6. Cheese and crackers - What kid doesn't love a lunch-time picnic?! Combined sliced cheese with crackers, veggie sticks and dip, and grapes.
  7. Eggs - From an easy hard-boiled egg to a leftover frittata, eggs make a great lunch-time source of protein. Mash up hard-boiled eggs with mayo, salt and pepper for egg salad or if you want to get fancy, serve them sliced over cooked asparagus or a garden salad.
  8. Waffles - Frozen waffles make a great easy lunch. Just toast, slice into strips and serve with a little container of syrup. You could make them into protein-packed sandwiches by topping them with nut butter (or sunflower butter) or serve alongside turkey sausage for protein.
  9. Grilled cheese - Fry up a ham and cheese / tomato and cheese sandwich, or broil up an English muffin pizza for a noon-time treat. 
  10. Burrito - Cook beans with sauteed garlic, onions, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper (Hint: I like to make rice and beans for dinner and use leftovers for lunches). Then roll up a tortilla with rice, beans, cheese and salsa inside. Secure the roll with aluminum foil.
Happy Camping!

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