Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun with Food Picks

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My boring lunch jazzed up with fun new food picks from Bento USA. What a great trick... how to make a boring turkey roll-up, cut up fruit and carrot mini-muffin exciting? Wrap turkey roll-ups into star wars figure rings, and light saber fruit skewers!

Take a boring tomato and turn it into a balloon, a cucumber becomes a flower and an egg becomes much more adorable with a little bow

A sandwich becomes a creature, while blueberries and green beans become more fun with little hats. Oh yes, we are having a good time over here with these new food picks!

Kid reviews
I want Darth Vader again!
Tomato Balloons!!!!!
Mom, I loved my little blueberry man today.

P.S. The afterschool teacher even pulled my aside to tell me how delighted my daughter was with her special lunch!

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