Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Animal Palz Mini Sandwich Press

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I just got my order in from Bento USA so get ready for some fun ideas! I started by trying out my new Cutezcute Animal Palz Mini sandwich press... it took a couple of tries  (I think it is meant for white bread) but I finally got it to work. The secret is to heat the bottom slice of bread in the microwave for 5 seconds and use just a little bit of filling. These here are mini cheese sandwiches. I grilled up the rejects and the kids had mini-grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, a win-win!

Pros: Makes cute little "uncrustable" sandwiches; kids loved them and ate them all

Cons: Whole wheat bread doesn't show details all that well, nor seal all that well. The amount of filling you can use is quite small (these would really be best suited for peanut butter. I also imagine something like tuna salad would work well - but just a very small amount).

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