Friday, December 27, 2013

Leftover Lunch

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I got a new lightbox for Christmas this year so get ready for better pictures!  I, personally, can't wait! No more moving all the plants away from the window in the middle of our hectic mornings to get a good picture. Wahoo!

To celebrate my new lighting skills, I took a picture of our leftover Christmas dinner lunch: sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and a sugar cookie.

From soups and rice/beans in a thermos jar to sliced meat sandwiches, leftovers are as easy way to make a quick tasty lunch. Some of our favorite leftover lunch ideas:
  • Soups, stews or chile (packed in a thermos jar)
  • Grilled meat or chicken - Serve it in a mini-roll or pita bread for a fun sandwich, skewer it with vegetables for a kebob, use it as a salad topping if your kids are a little older, or just pack it with a little teriyaki sauce in a thermos jar.
  • Grilled, roasted or sauteed vegetables - make a great side-dish or sandwich topping with cheese
  • Pizza - hot or cold, always a hit!
  • Pasta - I like to freeze leftover pasta with a sprinke of water and pull it out as needed. Leftover pasta is great mixed with veggies for a mini-pasta salad, or served with cubed grilled meats or frozen meatballs
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

Kid reviews: 
Wow, a cookie!

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