Friday, March 22, 2013

Inspiration for your lunchbox

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I have been stuck in a rut lately, packing the same turkey sandwich all week. I did manage to drag out the cutters and make dinosaur-shaped turkey sandwiches one day. My son got giggly when I asked him if he noticed. Nice! At least most of the sandwiches have been eaten, so I will have to give myself a break. I continue to be amazed by what other people are managing, and have found some great photo galleries and images that I thought I would share. My goal will be to try to make a healthy version of those ham and cheese pockets from Pretty Providence and see how they freeze and re-heat. I will keep you posted!

Now for a dose of inspiration:

Laptop Lunches
This photo gallery at laptop lunches contains a collection of customer lunch pictures:

Laptop lunches is a bento-lunchbox designed to inspire creativity with lots of little containers.

Easy Lunchboxes
This photo gallery at easy lunchboxes contains a collection of customer lunch pictures.

I have several of the easylunchboxes and they are great. They are very sturdy with one large, one medium and one small compartment for dividing foods.

Personal blogs
This collection of non-sandwich allergy-friendly lunch ideas by blogger Keelly McGuire is packed with great ideas!

This collection of healthy lunchbox snacks by blogger Marla Meredith may help you come up with some new favorite lunch side dishes.

I never thought about it, but my kids would love jerky as a snack!

This collection of sandwich-less lunch ideas is filled with ideas that you can make in advance.

Some of the ideas could use some healthy makeovers, so I would recommend using whole wheat dough and nitrate-free meat products.


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